Video sync (filestream without boygrouping)

We have been trying to get 3 movies running in sync on 3 different PCs. We do NOT use any boygrouping, we just want the files to run in sync. The description we followed:

video synchronization

Please find a super-simple patch below. Also a test video file we used.
Strange effects:

(1) The video file does NOT run in time but somehow slower than required. If you play it in VLC player it runs as required, but with filestream much slower.

(2)We realized the video does not display “real” black but is somehow brighter.

(3) Main problem: The sync over 2 or 3 PCs does not work correctly. The master PC plays correctly but the slave (client) PC jumps in time. No idea why. We have changed ports but no improvement.

It would be great if any one could open the patch and have it running on 2 PCs to check the synchronization - thank you a lot ! (958.8 kB)

regarding this please see:
that thread is rather old, not sure if the settings in nvidia drivers are still the same but some setting like this should be there…

Thank you for solving our question no.2 – but the main problem still remains. A general question: Did we understand it correct, that we can sync video plaback without boygrouping only by using the filestream/boygroup node (and set IP + client parameters) ?! So in general this should work?

It seems we found a solution:
Switching the port to “4444” helped, somehow 5555 and 3333 did not work.

We realized the sync is getting better over time. It takes about 30 secs playback to have all PCs running super-synced. I guess this is the algorithm that nees some time to refine the sync between all machines, after 30 secs it runs super-synced.