Video stops in fullscreen

hello boys and girls,

experiencing strange behaviour here - when switching to fullscreen my video (1024x768, 5 sec., h.264, ffdshow decoder) stops playing - sometimes immediately, sometimes after several loops. as soon as i alt-enter to windowed renderer video plays fine…? perfMeter shows me solid 60 fps in both renderer modes? any ideas?

probably my nvidia dev drivers for use with NVPerfHud?

windows xp sp3
intel core 2 t7600, 2gb ram
nvidia 7950gtx, driver version:

thanks a lot

are you running your graphics adapter on two heads?

no. i’m not. i know about multiscreen video difficulties, sorry for not stating - i’m on a laptop, no second display connected. have done this lots of times before on my laptop; the only things which changed knowingly is those drivers as well as vvvv version- probably should give it a try with the “normal” drivers again…

might be your problem

yes you’re right - i wonder why i didn’t find this on searching.

setting maximum foreground fps in mainloop to 60 worked out - btw, my video is running at 25 fps, video texture is waiting for every 2nd frame, should i therefore go for 50 fps max in mainloop or is this wurst?

thanks for the help.

“…or is this wurst?”

i’m not sure here, if this results in german sausage :), either set mainloop to the same or double framerate. if wait for frame works with 0 then dont touch the mainloop.

ok, thanks :)