Video source splitter

a video source splitter wich allows to use same Video In with different approachs ( freeframe - fx ) in the same patch, and to split in a number of desired output like in stallone ?

search Software Tool Links for SplitCam

dear friend Kalle, thanks for your nice advice.

did you notice that there is a limit of definition in splitcam ? it will never go up that 720x576 resolution…

no sincerely, a inlet node would be great, to stop bother fighting and cheat … ;-)

hi karistouf, i’m not shure to understand what’s the need. Because splitcam is useful if you need to have the same video in vvvv and in other programs on the same time. but if you only need to have the same video in vvvv you can convert it in a texture and the reconvert in video (how many times you want).
i attached a little patch that does that

video_split.v4p (2.8 kB)

hi screamer !

if you make test with contour ( freeframe ) and fx, you will see that there is conflict at one moment and fight around the stream.
one will blocked all other uses of the this texture.

i m using s and r nodes to send same stream (video in > videotexture > quad > renderer > ex9 texture) on a patch to many fx and one contour.

I always having trouble when this freeframe is there.

splitcam is ok if the resolution is not high resolution. you will never go up more than 800x600 with it… but no pb if only fx…

for my personnal look at this, splitcam is an external program to be used with different programs, but why if everything is inside vvvv ?

or perhaps i m facing a problem with freeframe/fx obscure dark side of the fight ?