Video source out of sync when connected to conversion node

Hey there!

I just placed a VideoPlayer from VL.Video in a brand new patch and put a VideoSourceToSKImage and a VideoSourceToTexture next to each other. It seems that once I connect one of those to the VideoPlayer node, the video source runs independently and starts from 0, once it is connected? Are there independent clocks inside the conversion nodes? Is this intentional or shouldn’t the VideoPlayer have its internal clock?

Once they both are connected, they are not running in parallel.

The node expects only one consumer downstream. Maybe a runtime warning would be good here to show the user that it’s not supposed to work like that.


In upcoming previews only one sink node will be able to “drive” the video player/capture. A second sink node like in your example will simply be ignored.

In 6.17 I don’t get any output from the VideoIn and VideoSourceToTexture, I have a Logitech Brio and when selected it just keeps on blinking.

But no problem at all in 6.17


Right. Sorry for that one. Fix in upcoming.