Video Source for FreeFrame

Hi there,
I was up to experimenting with some FreeFrame plugins. For testing purposes I tried to feed them with an avi file via FileStream but they refuse to work.

helo sven,

please be more specific. which freeframeplugin, avi-compression, avi-size. does the avi play when connected directly to videoout…
anything in the tty?

Installing ffdshow helped. Everything works fine now.
Thanks anyways.

Cheers ; )


strange then. works for me.

“Es wurden keine Zwischenfilter für die Herstellung der Verbindung gefunden”
means that directshow wasn’t able to build a graph. missing some filters… strange though if the file can be played straight. can you try videos with a different compression?

VideoOut is just a dummy window that can show a video. for debugging purposes mainly.

Didn’t know about the extra video window 'coz it didn’t open as well.
Hmm… yes the video mapped as a file texture definitely played before though - strange.

Btw: Somehow the position data that ColorTracker outputs does not correspond to the areas drawn by the plug-in. Tried the scale parameter as the help file describes it but it didn’t help. But maybe I’m just too tiered now…

Thanks again for your reply, Joreg - Grüße nach B ; )

jo, videoouts window won’t popup if directshow finds no intermediate filters to build the graph.

so you’d say your videos directly connected to videoout don’t work, but they show when directly connected to a videotexture?