Video scratching

hi there :D

I would like to create a simple video scratching tool, while drawing, so I made a simple mouse drawing patch and I want to link the mouse X value to the video timeline for example, but I didn’t find any playback way in vvvv to play with the timeline of a videofile (like playing it in reverse or faster/slower…)

is there a way to do that (for the moment I just use sound scratching using puredata and OSC’s, but video’scratching could be nice also ) ?

So if anyone has an idea, please tell me ^^

In fact i found a previous topic about video scratching in vvvv so it’s ok, I found out how to proceed but I didn’t manage to get the sound of the video, I use filestream node (a quad and a renderer) , I got image but don’t get any sound, I encoded my video in xvid, intel indeo or just uncompressed avi, but no sound.

anybody know how to get sound from video using filestream ?

You checked the filestream helpfile? ;)

Just connect an Audiout node and you got sound, just not sure if the scratching will work, but try it.

oh yeah ! shame on me , usually I check help files when I got problems, but I just forget it this time, Just connecting an audioOut on the first pin XD ! (sound scratch is weird but it works)

Thks a lot dude ^^

hi there

still on the scratch, I want to record scratch loop, so in fact to record “draw loops”.

To do that I use the Levin node, which record draw loops, with a counter linked to the frame count of the Levin, in this way, the levin loop the right number of frame (the counter start when i start drawing and finish when i stop), but the levin has a strange behavior, the loops don’t stay as they should be and evolve.

so is there a way to record draw loop simply in vvvv ?

edit : it’s ok , I’ve just found de Sequencer node, simple as hell :D !