Video - recording, conversion, upload to youtube

Hi All,

i am currently in the need for a solution that:

  • records a video of my VVVV render to hardisk
  • compresses the video to something small (e.g. h.264)
  • upload video to youtube channel

I had already tried with the different writer nodes - which kind of are not working that well. So i figured the best way would be to use fraps for the recording? Or are there any better solutions?

For the conversion/compression i would use ffmpeg with ShellExecute. (Is there any way to get feedback when the progress is done?) e.g. when the ShellExecute has finished?

Has anybody experience with the google / youtube .NET library? Maybe tried to write an implementation into vvvv? Existing patches laying around? (I will try to implement this into a vvvv node if no solutions exist)

Any help / advice is much appriciated!


sounds like utmost disaster…
vvvv not really good on saving videos in realtime, so technically you can do only NRT

do it with fraps. records perfectly realtime. after that you need some commandline tools for converting it to a codec with reasonable filesize and one to upload it to fb.

i recomend virtual dub for processing and super for conversation. fastest combination i found.

youtube needs oauth and probably also https once authenticated to upload. there is no working node or contributed plugin atm, so you might need to do dive into that if it is to be automatic.

i don’t know, maybe google hangout live and some capturing hardware is an option if real rt is your priority.
but then again, it’s not working here in germany.

hi as elektromeier said probably best way is to use programs like canopus procoder or similar where you keep videos from fraps and use actions watch folder for conversion, for ftp there are also apps to automate folders and probably there is some api ways for youtube to automate also.

I managed to write a .NET plugin for youtube.

Upload is working now, will share it after some cleanup and some more programming.
(still some small errors to correct)

Currently i capture with fraps and convert with ffmpeg, which seems to work OK.

However still couldnt figure out if there is a way to get some feedback from the ShellExecute Node, in order to know when the video compression is done. Anyone?

You can redirect the command output to a file.
Something like this should do it:

ffmpeg (…) 1>“path\to\your.log” 2>&1

Afterwards you´ll have to read the file in vvvv.

For more info have a look here.

I think the log is written at the beginning of the conversion.
So it doesn´t help to determine if the process has finished.

But you could use the modification date of the converted video. If it doesn´t change anymore (+ a certain timeout) the conversion is done.

edit 2:
See patch. (I also tried Watcher (File) but it doesn´t update as regularly.)

CheckModificationDate (File).v4p (7.8 kB)

needed a similar task, solved it as following:

  • .bat file for encoding via ffmpeg
  • after ffmpeg.exe erase the input file
  • on v4 side use Exists (File) to check whether the input file is still available

a bit of a hack, but i didn’t find a quick way to have the bat file return an exitcode

are u using fraps automatically? if so how?

@xd_nitro : pretty simple - just use the key binding in fraps to toggle recording from VVVV via the Keyboard (System Global) node.

Thanks for the other advises, will give an update later with the youtube node.

Uploads videos to youtube.

credits go to the documentation:

and this example:

NB: Resuming upload is not implemented yet (150.0 kB)

That looks cool, pop it in contributions so it doesn’t get lost in the forums!