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Hello everybody.

I actually have 2 questions :

1 : I have a filestreamDX11, with a spread of videos. I have a getslice out the spread, attached to a random, and send a random value as index. the thing is, I want the getslice to change when the previous video has done playing. I attach my file here, but I don’t understand why I can’t connect the bang and the toggle.

2 : is it possible to have several .v4p external files in a spread, and call them randomly?! I am new to subatpching, that’s why I get a bit lost.

Thanks to all!
video random.v4p (14.2 KB)


i think you need a framedelay node

make sure you check the documentation:

@antokhio @tonfilm

Ah! I knew this framedelay situation from some tutorials, but I didn’t understand exactly when the need does happen… Now I got it!
Thank you loads!

Hi again.

Ok, I have put framedelay(value) into the loop, but actually, random(value) does not change the value in GetSlice(string).
at the end of input1-position, there is a floating moment when the video flashes several times, random(value) spits out values but they are not taken.
Then the video just goes back to the slice 0

I think it is really visible when you load 5 videos and test it.
Please let me know what is wrong here.
thank you tons.!

video random.v4p (14.6 KB)
video random.v4p (14.6 KB)


the vlc player is a little buggy… better to check if position is greater than duration. next thing, it’s important to use a togEdge node for your loop. without it, when the condition turns true, and the random node stays active (generating a new random value each frame @ 60fps) itconstantly inputs a new video into the player. use a togedge to turn on the random node for just 1 frame.callmenames.v4p (10.9 KB)

@schlonzo ahhhhhh! That’s the part I had to know and understand!
I got it.
I am going to try TogEdge then! Thank you so much!

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