Video projection with kinect and body detection

Hello, tnks for reading me in advance guys, i have a basic-kind of medium knowledge in vvvv, but i want to try how to mapp a body to keep the projection of a video, if the body gets closer to the sensor the video just keeps in the body, or if the body goes away the video projection keeps complete in the background screen, may be im to adveturer but it is something that i would like to try to go forward with vvvv, i already have my projector and my kinect, brand new, so, ready for play and excited to try this, thinking that may be i cand do it with kinect, any recomendations how to start?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. You want to project onto moving body? You can do it with vvvv, but first you need to get your Projector calibrated. rulr helped me a lot with that, and it’s pretty easy. Have a look at this thread here.

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