Video playback in VL/Xenko

I’m still waiting for the opportunity to get into VL properly and look forward to use it with xenko (can’t remember the new name right now)
One thing I am particularly interested in is video playeback. It has always felt a bit like a hack and it is a bit of a science to get smooth robust playback in vvvv and when looking at the competition video playback seems like it is part of the vanilla distribution without the need for adding “exotic” contributions.
It would be great to have a robust and flexible video player in vvvv/VL that is part of the core functionality. Playing back video is a very common thing to do.



did you have a look at gstreamer?

works for me. Enough for prototyping and goofing around.

btw xenko rebrands to “stride”


and just for completeness: also VL.OpenCV has a VideoPlayer node.

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As of 2021.4 the VL.Video.MediaFoundation nuget is now shipping with vvvv and the simplest option for video playback. And there are even more options for video playback.