Video play lenght issues


i’ve attached a simplified portion of a patch i’m working on that plays videos.

as you can see, i’ve set up a spread of filenames and a get slice to select the video to play.
i’ve also set up a slider that visually displays the position of the file as it plays, which is necessary for performance.

the trouble is- when i select a new video file, the slider seems to hold the duration value from the first file (I think).

i’m sure there’s something like a ‘frame delay’ I can pop in somewhere to make sure the values come in the correct order, but i’ve tried everything my simple mind can cope with.

but you can do it can’t you guys!! yeah, i just know you can!

mov player demo.v4p (10.2 kB)

ai if you are only about to loop the whole file always then set “End Time” to 9999999. that should do for most cases.

i don’t know what “ai” means. perhaps it means ‘here’s an unrelated point…’

heh heh - i’m a cheeky one

any other suggestions?

oh. thought you got it.
what is the problem with my suggestion? if you want files to loop the whole way entering an arbitrary maximum to “End Time” should work. no FrameDelay needed at all.

or am i missing your point?

yeah, i think you are. did you look at the patch?
i have no trouble looping them correctly, but i really need to see how close the clip is to it’s ending so that i can trigger some stuff during performance.
in actual fact, i don’t want them looping at all, i just pop that on as a precaution incase i miss my cue (the clip starting again is much better than just stopping).

ok. i first tried your patch and it wouldn’t do something at all due to the framedelay causing trouble. so i thought that was your problem.

reading your posting again and trying what you write about there i can’t reproduce your behaviour. selecting a new file outputs a new length of FileStream.

can you check if the missing updated filelength always happens with the same file(s)? if so…it could be a file/codec problem. if it happens all the time for you… idea for now.

hello vincent, …and forum

I think I absolutely understood your point. I set up a patch to do quite the same about a month ago.

FIRST, your patch works (at least it should). The only thing you are missing is a connection that resets the current position of the video when changed. (because in your patch the next movie always starts at the time poition the last one was interrupted or ended)
(see attached patch)

SECOND, the patch doesn’t always work. I tried with different filetypes and codecs an there are differences (even though FileStream can play all of them when loaded separately). I have no Idea but perhapps FileStream has difficulties to switch too fast between videofiles when some video-codecs are concerned.

Some Hints you could go on trying with:

  • use VideoOut (DShow9) to reduce possible sources for errors.
  • try different videotypes (perhapps you will have to convert your files for your “presentation”.
  • !! do a “revert to saved” once a while after you saved your patch. dont ask, but it often makes the thing work after that! (perhaps it resets the FileStream object or something like that)

I used the same objects and it worked, but I used .avi files (MS DV codec).

I attached your patch that I reduced a bit for testing.

Good Luck!

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attaching doesn’t work?
another try:

mov player demo_2.v4p (13.1 kB)

thanks very much, i’ll try your suggestions soon and get back to you. i hope it is a codec thingy (though i downloaded the quicktime codec suggested on this site - the ones that come with media player classic).

joreg - framedelay causing trouble? that’s odd. it’s fine on mine.

domindian - wow… you’ve done some stuff haven’t you?! thanks.
On my player, though the next movie doesn’t start at the time poition the last one was interrupted or ended. It starts from it’s begining.

I can’t see your attachement, by the way. Would it have been handy for me?

oh hello - there it is. thanks