Video phone

Hi, i’m a noob… This is an introduction message. I’ll post my progress in futur answers at this message.

I need to install an electronic doorkeeper for my 6 neighbours and me. I asked for an offer to several companies and it costs around 10.000€ Crazy yeah…

So i remembered when i was patching in PD… Later a friend introduced me vvvv that seemed better to me.

I would like to start a video phone project in vvvv.

I don’t know if it is the right place in the forum, forgive me if i’m wrong.

First thing to do:

When i was using PD i remembered that “route” homebrew macro box that was able to simply dispatch an input data to a selected output.
I tried to find something similar in vvvv but i didn’t. I need it to program the logic part of my video phone. Visitor button with appartements terminals interaction.

How to route datas in that way in vvvv?


Most likely multi flip flop and switch

Have you considered security issues?
There is a reason why a professional solution is expensive…

This project seems interesting. Can you please provide a technical task for people who do not sure about what a videophone is?

Probably it’s a screen near the door, some kind of interactive terminal.

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