Video performance

there have been many threads about this. the video playback performance of v4 is definetely strange. i’m trying to play 1100x1100 mpg’s which play smoothly with windows media player. once in v4 they play jumpy…a few frames smooth and then glitches again.

i did all i could, mainloop to framerate of video, wait for frame at 100ms, no additional direct x stuff…and still, it looks ugly. looks like i need to convert the stuff to a different codec and maybe size.

one question, i thought some dev said once, if things play smooth with windows media player so does v4 ?

Are you do seeking at all?
I’ve had problems with that and mpg’s, especially with hardware accelleration, do they have that enabled on the pc’s?
Which version of vvvv are you using?

Cat: Sure, MPEG with its heavily incremental design will give you bad seek times, especially when you try to jump to a non-keyframe. Seeking is best done with codecs that compress each frame individually, like MJPEG or HuffYuv.

And have you diagnosed what the behavior is when you direct-connect it to videoOut?
And does using another codec really make a difference?
Where does perfMeter tell you is the time being used?

And as you can imagine, the Windows Media equation rule wouldn’t work if you GPU was weak on the 3D side. e.g. you will experience performance drops on Intel on-board graphics and the like.
But surely you know that already.

the machines have decent cpu’s and graphicscards…perfmeter tells me the cpu is on the edge though. i’m doing seeking when all 6 machines playing their own video-part in sync. nevertheless, the weird behaviour happens when played without seeking too.

anyway, the cpu consumption is definitely the reason, i was just wondering why v4 is using so much of the cpu while windows media player doesn’t. gonna get rid of the mpg and transfer more work to the harddiscs (avi + ‘easy’ codec). this should solve the problem.

…and gives me more control over the video files i.e. setting keyframes and so on

cat: whats ur favourite avi codec compatible with standard IDE HD’s

@max I also tried all I frame Mpg2, which is what Hippotiser use, in combination with nvidia pure video and a custom plugin that allows frameblending on slowed down footage, its rather nice! But it dint work!
In fact on hippo the only way to get reverse playback is with Mpg all I frame movies!

@u7 I use Picvideo mjpeg, its best to try different compressions as I found 85% to be faster than 50% or 75%, I think theres a cpu vs HDrive ratio in there somewhere!

maybe i dont get it
but if you play 1100x1100 videos as videotexture
it propably scales up to 2048x2048 cos thats the
closest powa of 2
and that could eat cpu and gpu also


mmm, didn’t notice gpu being too busy …
anyway, i scaled down to 800x800 and use the mentioned codec picvideo. looks good on the test machine, even without wait for frame and mainloop. amazing…

cheers for the hints !