Video output on dv cam

hello, is it possible to output video via firewire directly into dvcam?

not yet. but beta9.1 will suffice you

Excellent, I can’t wait!

hi, how do I output video via firewire directly into dvcam with beta9.1? VideoOut(DShow9 Device) has got only inlets…
thanks in advance

VideoOut(DShow9 Device) has got only inlets…
which is exactly the point. there should be one inlet that lets you select connected video-out devices like your firewirecamera and an other inlet which you connect a videostream to. press record on your camera and you should see the image coming straight out of vvvv.

what outlets are you looking for on the node?

beware that performance and timing will be rather poor.

I’ve got a sony d8 camera, the dv-in is enabled afterwards. That means I don’t have got a record button and unfortunately also no remote control. So before I try out your proposal I have to look for an alternative way of remote controlling.

But if the performance and timing of VideoOut(DShow9 Device) will be rather poor I can’t use it anyway because I need to produce a movie out of my realtime rendering. The patch I made contains a live videoIn and costs already a lot of computing power and memory.

With “Writer (Texture)” the rendering slows down to much.

I’m thinking a about using the video out of the graphics card and record it with the d8-camera, but I don’t know if the quality will be good enough.