Video + multiple screens

hi all,

maybe this topic has already been treated several times in here, but are there any other possibilities beside boygrouping for playing videos on multiple screens (10) simultaneously? i’m just asking this, because i don’t know how reliable boygrouping is in syncing videos with a duration of about 20min. (5 machines - 2 heads each - resolution: 2x1024x768). i know, this is more a matter of codecs and tonfilm did an own patch for this, but i also read in here about a guy, who tried playing multiple videos from one machine by putting several pci-video cards into his machine. but i can’t imagine, that you don’t get a huge performance problem then…

thx for any hints or recommendations in advance!

maybe spamming…
but im thinking about ram drives lately (software),
and of course image sequences instead of videos.
for a week at sziget festival 2006 in hungary i was using framecycler.
it played any image format at hd res from a 24xraid cluster (through 2xsli quadros), but i guess we cant afford that. the suprise was that it could play tiffs faster than jpgs.
udp communication is only microseconds late and it should be over enough for sync, but than there’s the genlock thing…

sziget festival is a nice reputation!

bmp’s are the fastest in my experience … though they are bigger, but they have no compression and you only need fast drives