Video mixing with a mic :P


I’m trying to do a new project, but I’m not capable of finishing it…

The idea is to play a video (a loop) and to be able to change it to another one when I speak through the microphone. Well… is it possible? :D I’ll be very glad if you guys give me some help, because I’m new with the program and I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks a lot!

you mean:
IF some noise on mic DO select some random other loop?

or do you think of

Yep, I’m trying to select other videos by making some sounds on the mic. I know how to loop two different videos, but I don’t know how to do it on the same window and how to select the second video when there’s sound (if it’s possible to do, of course!).

The idea is to show a video and then interact with the piano and show other video/s ONLY when I play the piano. Basically, if I’m not playing, video1 is shown as a loop, and whenever I play, video2 is shown.

Not sure about that but i think you could paste each video to one video file and then use an offset to switch from video1 to video2. Doing it this way allow you to have the file loaded in ram and avoid artefacts with the video gap.

For the sound analisys maybe you can give a try with rms node ? If i got it well bascilly you need to extract only the signal input volume right ?

I thinking about something … your piano is Midi compliant ?

hi guys , here is a posible aproach for 2 videos and audio , hope it helps

2_video_mix_by_audio.v4p (13.3 kB)

Thanks a lot, I have almost finished it. I’ll show you the work when I finish it, it could be useful to more people!