Video mixer

hi ,

how can i mix multiple videos?
Currently I map the video to a videotexture route it to a quad, then to a priority group and afterwards to the renderer.
the priority group is connected with multiple videos, but when i use the priority value to fade IN/Out the videos, the stream react just like a switch beetween the two videos.

cheers marco

the quad has a color input, connect e.g. a HSL (Color Join) here and control it’s alpha inlet.

check this…

texturemix.v4p (9.0 kB)

thx your texturemix, looks really good!
I modified your patch for videos,
but the alpha channel is only used for the first video.

Do you know my failure?
I`m new in vvvv, and I like it.

texturemixVideoTest.v4p (10.8 kB)

Ah, yes, the filestream filename pin is not spreadable, you need a seperate filestream node for each video layer but there is a limit to layers depending on the video size and pc. Take a look at this quick dirty repatch.

texturemixVideoTest_MK2.v4p (12.2 kB)

wow, thanks for the great support

as a second step, using the Cons texture node, it can be patched a bit more elegant:

texturemixVideoTest_MK3.v4p (11.2 kB)

superb!.. no text …

another hint regarding video, the VideoTexture node has a input pin “texture Size Mode”, when its set to NonPow2 the video playback needs less CPU power in most cases. this can make a big performance difference when using multiple videos… have vvvvun!

thanks for the info , the output looks also fine with this settings

i have further problems with my patch.

  1. I use to dX9 Rendere for the videoOutput, one for the preview,
    and the otherone for the beamer.
    If i run my patch without a beamer all things works fine, but If I connect a beamer the videoout is just displaying at once of them.

  2. When I set the alpha value for the Videotexture with a fader, the video is juddering.
    Does a delay help?

hello, these are both limitations by design.

  1. the VideoTexture node can only provide video for one ‘device’.

the solution here is called spanmode, which is a setting of the graphics card, to span the desktop over multiple screens, instead of having separate desktop areas. search this site for spanmode, should be a lot of info here. on a laptop, you will probably need some hacked graphics drivers…

  1. in general, the vvvv gui is only to set constants and not for performances, because they run in the same thread and therefore freeze the process while draged.

solution here is to make your own gui in a render window, recently i made a set of plugins, designed for that. with the plugins, you can set the values in the patch, and still modify them with the mouse. also the values are storend with the patch:

hi, thanks for your explanation.

    • i will try it.
  1. could it be that your uploaded gui files are corrupted?
    If i load a patch i just got in the middle a white rectangle.
    or could you give me a detailed explanation how i can use it?

drop the files (especially the .dll’s) in the ‘plugins’ directory of vvvv…

hi tonfilm,

about my spanmode experiences:
I`d downloaded a new graphic driver and it support spanmode.
Both Renderer are working correct know.
But if i switch 1 Render view to fullscreen, the RenderView is not only at the beamer its also at my notebook monitor. so its also above my videomixer control patch :-(
Is there a way to display 1 renderer in fullscreen only at the beamer if the graphic card is in spanmode?