Video Mask via Kinect

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a video mask witch position depends on the position of the Kinect Skeleton.

Something similar like in the game FRU. (image below)
( ) - gameplay

So, I have 2 videos, one on top of another and the bottom video can be seen trough a mask witch is in the shape of a human silhouette witch is detected by the Kinect.

I tried to connect the Skeleton to the alpha_video patch I found on the forum and it works, but I can’t figure out how to put a video/ an image on the first layer.

Any ideas?


alpha_video_kinect.rar (47.3 kB)


Try Player (Kinect Microsoft) in Combination with SetAlpha (EX9.Texture Join). That should work…

Video “A” which is exposed by the silhouette is on top of the background video “B”.
Everything that is not part of the silhouette in “A” is made to alpha by SetAlpha (EX9.Texture Join), so you can see the background video “B”.

Hope that heölps!

I used to do this with 4 kinect users and 4 different textures…this could help…

Thanks for the reply!

gerrit, I must admit I am a bit new to VVVV and after a lot of trial and error I didn’t manage to figure out how to combine the nodes. Could you please give me a little more detail or maybe a “mockup” patch?


also go through the video-effects-and-compositing-tutorials where you’ll learn how to combine different textures.

Hey guys!

Thank you all again and sorry for the long long long wait.

Anyway, back to the patch.
You can use any file type as an input.
If the Render starts bugging, connect the FileStream node TextureOut pin to the Preview node and back. It seems to resolve the problem.

Have fun!

Thank you!

Video Mask Kinect.v4p (25.7 kB)