Video looping / sequencer

I am working on a patch that would act as a video sequencer. so far i managed to do this

what it does:
-plays video in loop
-if you turn loop play button on, “do seek” pin on filestream is forced to be at 1 and sequencer loops its sequence into “seek position” pin
-if you turn loop play off, the video continues normally

-when you turn on recording button, sequencer node starts recording file position
-when you turn it off, the position sequence is saved into sequencer and starts looping

I didn’t expect this to work, but somehow it does. I use a fast SSD disk and it doesnt seem to affect performance. however this method looks really crude, so i was wondering if there is a more intelligent way to do this. thanks for any feedback

it’s really oldschool way, try same on vlc would give nicer pref and two screens support

It works because your video file codec supports it, don’t expect it to work with any random clip you find on the net.

The queue (EX9.Texture) can also funtion as a buffer for scratching and looping.

But if it works for you, than it is great right? :)