Video Issues on dual head (Again!)

so had a gig with mto and a patch that has been built of the past 5 years, the last gig I updated to beta25.1 and had an issue with 1 track where the video simply didn’t play.
Yesterday had the same thing but I caught it in sound check thankfully.
Tried /dda1 to no avail,
sometimes (not many) the video would play ok but not reliably.
I had to do a work around where when a patch opened all video textures had to be switched to a non hidden renderer on the interface screen and the back to the output again.
This never was a problem pre beta25, I’m too scared of going 26 yet as I’ve had random sudden quits for no reason there too.
Please can we have video sorted out, its a REALLY big problem for me, especially now win7 is virtually default. The first renderer the video is connected to is on the 2nd screen, and in fact that renderer is only used for output and thumbnails via dx texture it does;t get post processed, so really this shouldn’t be happening at all…
This would probably be my number 1 bugbear with vvvv, and has been for more years than I care to think (basically since video was first included! )

you know that it is actually
/dda 1

would that make a difference?

did that workaround then make it work as expected?

Yes I did, and tried it both ways just in case!
The work around functioned, but is not an ideal solution, the video isn’t connected to any other renderer it should just work, but this is on ATI which I’m mostly unfamiliar with, I also couldn;t use YUVmixing mode video textures for some reason too (bootcamped macbook pro) both of these things makes initialsing the patchs on switching take longer…