Video installation with arduino

hey guys,
sorry for the noob question, but i need to ask it before going any further in vvvv.

i just want to know if it’s possible to use vvvv for my purpose. a friend of mine asked me to help him in a video installation.
it consistis in 4 different videos that will start to play if the conditions are reached.
we are going to use 2 PID sensors connected to a arduino board and them to vvvv.
if someone passes in front of sensor A, video A will playback.
if someone passes in front of sensor B, video B will playback.
if no one passes in front of both sensor, video C will playback.
if two different persons passes in front of the sensors the same time, video D will playback.

is it possible to do this with vvvv and arduino or should i try another solution?


ps: sorry to post on the wrong session.
i don’t know how to delete it or to move it


to interface vvvv with arduino you may want to check out mr. benefit’s adapted arduino+firmata patch. doing the requested video biz is a piece of cake in vvvv.


hi vitimspot

yes. all possible. arduino can communicate with vvvv. and vvvv can be used to playback videos. The video playback might be a little tricky in the beginning. But we succeeded many times with setups similar to your one. Are you planning to show these videos on only one graphics head? or do you use multiple displays or projectors?
Anyhow… i would go for it. And if you have any questions, you will find answers with the active vvvv community. welcome!

thanks patrick
i’ll look at this patch.

and david,
video playback is really tricky in the beginning. it took me a lot of time to playback a video.
i had used isadora before and it’s interface is a bit different than vvvv.
i found myself lost a lot of times with vvvv interface.
one question that appeared now.
what it the patch equivalent to the trigger function in vvvv?


i forgot to say. i’ll use only one screen. an old tv adapted for rca inputs and a computer with graphic cards with video out.