Video In/Out


i’ve just installed vvvv21 (slimDx +latest dx9)
on a new machine everything is fine
except for the video In / Out nodes

i’ve tested with 2 different webcam’s (they are
recognized by Xp and i can select them in the driver list)
but i only get a black screen in the renderer window…
When i try to open a VideoOut (Dshow9) node…nothing happen
and i get this errors in the TTY renderer

00:08:40 ERR : DirectDraw n’a peut être pas été installé ou les capacités de la carte vidéo ne sont pas suffisantes. Vérifiez que l’affichage n’est pas en mode 16 couleurs.
00:08:40 * : couldn’t create some VMR9-filter
00:08:40 * : didn’t create node; [D:\projects\vvvv\help\VideoIn (DShow9) help.v4p, VideoOut (DShow9) (ID: 13)](D:\projects\vvvv\help\VideoIn (DShow9) help.v4p, VideoOut (DShow9) (ID: 13)): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 007424A7 in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000
00:08:40 * : couldn’t find/create node VideoOut (DShow9) (ID: 13) in patch D:\projects\vvvv\help\VideoIn (DShow9) help.v4p. deleting action.

any ideas?

hm, looks like a driver issue. what graphiccard is that? latest drivers? it also seems to mention something about 16bit desktop mode?! under some conditions video works only with desktop set to 32bit…

hi Joreg,

the card is an old saphirre radeon x550
with the latest drivers
desktop mode is 32bit…
btw i notice that both card output appear as :
Saphirre RADEON X550 - Secondary
in the device manager…

nkay…than it may be the “old” in your description of your card that causes that problem. not sure if there is a way around getting a newer card in that situation…

hello! i´m using a apple 15´macbook pro with integrated webcam, win xp professional sp3, updated directx, slimdx etc.
videoin does not work properly since beta 19. tried all dif. settings. no chance.
cheers, dd