Video in/io box node/compressor

*compressor node sometimes needs a lot more perfomance than normal and slow down the whole thing even when filewriter is not in use
*compressor node property pin does not work.

*nothing happens if you have a node io box between video in and video texture … which is bad for subpatching.
*video in is not really stable: sometimes framerate is really slow or video in node needs a lot more perfomance than normally

*filestream doesn’t work stable, sometimes the files are not played (then duration is 0)

*gdi textur doesn’t work correctly

plus on my notebook (joreg you know it) video in is no more working at all … i even tried the omega driver you suggested, with the same result … no video in (video textur make vvvv crash on both settings)


gdi textur doesn’t work correctly

*try another texture format:
** X8R8G8B8 : 32-bit RGB pixel format, where 8 bits are reserved for each color.
** R5G6B5 : 16-bit RGB pixel format with 5 bits for red, 6 bits for green, and 5 bits for blue.
** maybe also R8G8B8
*try another Render Mode
*try to enter 64 for Width and Height or another power of two. experiment with quadratic textures.