Video experiment

hi all masters of v4! i have a question regarding my new experiment.

i would like to play a video on a screen and record and save it (compressed??!) at the same time. then i would like to play the recently saved video, record and save it and so on. well

so far, so good… but i m kind of stuck here… if i try to do this with this patch, it does not work at all… any ideas would be great!

eraser1.v4p (14.6 kB)

hello… well i don t know if ANYBODY understood the purpose of that experiment. i aim at slowly disintegrating the movie-content by taking away information every time it is being compressing. at the end it should just leave the 9(?) “quads”. the process should be documented.

okay, i read west s tricks and improved my patch in means of readability (hopefully).

hope there is some help now.


ps. the starting movie is “…\vid_0”

eraser2.v4p (23.9 kB)

never tried that, but isnt a cascade of Compress nodes supposed to do something similar?

its not strictly recursive, but you could patch it with any fixed maximum number.

just about the style, hiding pins isn’t good patching style IMO. after some time of patching you will know every frequently used node by its appearence. in your case i had too look two times at the FileStream node. anyway, doesnt matter… i should write a comment at the west tricks page…

hi there. thanks for the posts. i tried to put a cascade of compress nodes in a row, but the problem i am facing here is, that i can t connect a writer node additionally to the video output pin of the compress node. so it s either another compressor or a writer node i can add (does strictly recursive mean that?).

i wanted to use v4 as a kind of staple-processing tool, since i need every step of the process documented…

anyways, hope all of you have nice christmas!