Video driver question

Hi guys,

do yo have any recommendations regarding video drivers?

I’m running vvvv on a labtop with an ati 9700 mobility chipset.
Currently the ATI Omega drivers are installed.

I have some strange rendering problems with that configuration:

  • everytime i switch to fullscreen, depth buffering isn’t working
    when i switch back to window mode, i have to turn depth buffering off an on to make it work again. But unfortunately it won’t work at all in fullscreen mode.

  • antialiasing settings do not seem to affect the renderer at all

Does anyone know if this a driver issue? The Omega driver I use is based on the latest Catalyst driver and I do not have similar problems in any other application.

Thx for your help,


halo dexter.

the depthbuffer and antialiasing problems are both known and will be likely fixed with the next release.


  • set antialiasing options via your drivers control panel
  • try the following routine to make depthbuffer work in fullscreen:
  • start vvvv
  • open a patch with the renderers depthbuffer set to 1
  • select the renderer and ALT+enter to fullscreen
    -> no depthbuffer
  • ALT+enter back to windowed mode
  • disable depthbuffer on renderer
  • enable depthbuffer on renderer
  • ALT+enter to fullscreen

i know this doesn’t sound so cool…but it worked for me on one pc.

Hey joreg,

allright, thx a lot for your help. The workaround is good enough for now.
Looking forward to the next release… :)))