Video delay / record poincloud sequence

Hi guys, I’m new in the forum, and my questions were probably ask before…

First question
I’m working on a video installation where i use a kinect to get a shadow figure and and project it with different delay (5 second/ 30second / 5min /1hours etc). It’s not a problem for few second of delay using Queue(ex9.texture) or record short part of video with a buffer node… but it’s always few second limited
I’m looking for a way to record long part of video (1 min max) and playback later without slow down the framerate during the record…

Second question… I want to use also the pointcloud of the kinect for a smoke effect (spectral kinect style) in the same way … record kinect data and playback later

I thought that if i can record the kinect data from the kinect node, it can use later both for the cloud and the shadow figure?!?!
I’m lost :)

Thanks you for help

You could try to just write the video as a sequence of textures, preferably DDS, and then use the player nodes to play back a sequence. if you are saving the depth image in native Kinect resolution and framerate, it shouldn’t be too demanding if you have a fast SSD

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