Video codec beyond fullHD


can anyone recommend a smooth videocodec that can handle resolutions beyond fullHD ??? in my case it´s 2560x720pixel - I need it for linear playback.

by now I just can do it with quicktime/mov´s > no playback with vvvv…



slicing in editing the video in 2 files of 1280*720 ?

If you want to continue using qt, this might work.

I am not really aware if the codecs are optimized for specific resolutions, if not 2560 by 720 is actually fewer pixels than fullHD:

1920*1080 = 2073600

2560*720 = 1843200

so I would guess that if the machine nicely pleys back fullHD content 2*720p should not be a problem



the machine is not the problem (dual xeon quadcore master of the universe workstation) - the codec restrictions are the problem (e.g. mpeg2, also some h264 - depends on codecpack)

splitting could be a solution btw. does anyone know why all multiScreen nodes in beta25.1 are red???

thanks so far…

Afaik Pegasus (now Accusoft) Picvideo MJPEG does not have any size limitation. Its best codec for realtime playback, it just does not offer alpha channel (sadly…)

i recently used h264-videos 3780x960, 30fps, 50Mbps with vvvv.
I had two such videos running and dissolve between them without stuttering.

As codec i used ffdshow with the Haali Media Splitter.

I’ve used picvideo mjpg at 4096x1024 as well…

MSBERGER: ffdshow is not a codec.

you are of course right !

The Haali Media Splitter was used as splitter and libavcodec that comes with ffdshow as decoder to playback the h264 in vvvv.

Anyways … i can report that it worked and looked very good.

I used the standard FileStream and VideoTexture nodes that come with vvvv (no vlc plugin or similar)