Video card and CPU usage

I have an old graphic card, but with vvvv I have to create a deviceAuto in software mode so it draws a render EX9 screen.

My question is: Will a new card help in the CPU load? are Nvidia good cards?

both questions: yes. anything above or the nvidia 6600 should be fine.

i just bought a gainward card with an 6600 chip for test purposes and u can do quite a lot with this card. on the other hand my main card is a ati x800SE which seems to be a bit more powerful and a little more stable.

i know some ppl had problems with ati gpu’s but i can’t support this. for me ati chips seem to be a bit more powerful although i haven’t tried anything above nvidia 6600.

anyway, i wouldn’t ignore the ati stuff…in terms of price and power.

My notebook has an X700 and seems fine with vvvv.

PS: If you get an ATI card go for the newer X1800’s(?). I recently saw info about using the GPU to do video encoding - super fast! Spookily only the day before I had been wondering if it was possible to use shaders and feedback in vvvv to do encoding. Anyone tried it? I don’t know what unique features the X1800 has that make it more suitable to encoding but I reckon even a semi-gpu solution would be an improvement on some of the software converters I have tried.

We’ve just recently had quite a headache with the shittyness of the ATI Catalyst drivers. They have this amazingly bad user interface design which in our case kept a team of four highly skilled IT professionals scratching their heads for hours about how to accomplish a few stupid tasks, especially in conjunction with dual-screen output.
Shortly, with the current ATI drivers for simple reasons of bad design you can’t create a number of resolutions with some specific frame rates when running two video heads, and that is sometimes crucial if you totally require the maximum image quality. Pray they will make it good with the new generation of cards.
We circumvented the whole problem by replacing our ATI cards for NVidias finally.

About performance, I’d say usually it’s better invested time to learn efficient patching that reading the hardware benchmarks on

thanks for the answers. I’m sad 'cause my video card just bogged down, can’t handle the directX and all that, but I’m happy 'cause I’ll buy a new Nvidia card :)

dmoc, I posted a thread about that GPGPU thing, here, but wasn’t logged in so I couldn’t edit the title to name ATI (duh). Let’s see what happens when that Avivo thing is a reality, 'cause now it’s just some demo, and If now Nvidia cards can do nicely for example the multiple monitor thing, I’m more than happy :)