Video Capture Problem

I had my capture card working beautifully, its a spectra 4 input BT chipset card. I just tried one of my patches today and Im getting weird interference lines running horizontally, but only when something moves, and only around the area of the movement. Just tried reinstalling the drivers but its still happening, checked it woth amcap and thats fine.


just to say I just tried the red nag version of vvvv and the problem is not there, so its a newy!


have you tried with the new videotexture in the the special8.1 version? VideoTexture(EX9.Texture VMR9)

and could you post a link to your capture card on the links-site ?

Yup new texture as well.
Heres a capture, hopefully…
Yeah I’ll update the link pages…

Capture1-DirectX Renderer - Pass_ 0#4.jpg (100.5 kB)

thanks for the link. ql card.

but. humm…actually i have no idea where the noise could come from. the according code has not changed between the versions. mm…sterrange…

I tried reinstalling the drivers but same thing, I’ll try those generic ones see if I can get them to work. The card was great in the previous version 4 streams and no dropped frames .