Video can't be shown on multi display?

Hallo, Konichiwa.

I have a trouble about video playing on multi display.
does anyone know anything about this solution???


filestream-[video texture](video texture)-quad-group-renderer
video file is mpeg cordeced.

the problem is
when a video clip on “Quad” shows on A-monitor normally, but if you move this quad to B-monitor by using transform for example, video can not be shown…and off course I tried use “multi screen”, but it doesn’t work, same happens as when without it but with many renderers.

Can’t a “filestream” show same clip to be two different “renderer” on two different display-monitors? or do i have to try another video cordecs???

thank you in advance.
by takiscope aus TOKYO

this is a well know limitation, you cannot display one videotexture on two monitors. you need either span mode (win xp only) or buy a hardware solution like dualhead2go or the ati eyefinity…

but there is a contribution which may work for you: vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin

but be aware that the plugin has to copy the video internally if its displayed on two screens, so it will need more cpu power.

thank you, tonfilm.

I tried "span"mode but it doesn’t work.
so now I got triplehead2go! it’s very nice device that can recognize 3 different displays as 1 display!

yes, good choice, thats the best solution right now!

Any plans on moving vvvv to a newer DirectX version that supports shared resources?

while plans we have a few we are lacking in dates…