Video audio streaming from country to country

Hello Guys,

I was looking for some way to sort of doing a videoconference audio and video from one comouter via internet from country to country.

Do you have any suggestions to use in v4?

Will vlc work for that or maybe some web app and get it via html plug?

Any hints appreciated.


Hi, I did some more research testing.

Found that could be a solution using html plug. I was able to chat inside vvvv renderer but as soon as you want video it ask to install a chrome skype plug.

How could i install that plug in the html dx11 plug?

I also found this but not sure if it will work in the vlc dx11 plug?

And tried this but could not make it to work


Depending on the budget, I would go for a hardware solution. HDMI in and streams out, eg. terradeck:

then it is just about receiving it at the other end

I used the screenshot node to use Skype as feedback loop once, but maybe a bit hacky…

Hi guys, thanks for hints,

@catweasel a bit hacky yes but good to know.

@sunep will this work via internet not local, i saw that send to facebook and things like that byt how to get video audio in v4 with it?


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