Vid textures not working... but only sometimes

So here’s one for you guys;

I run into something quite often while I’m either performing or patching where I attempt to load a video texture and I get nothing coming from the video texture node. Depending on the patch I’m using, I get either full black or full white, but no actual signal. Sometimes I notice that the file stream node gives obviously ludicrously data (file length goes to several thousand, etc) but that doesn’t always happen, so that might be a separate issue. This seems to be independent of the type or size of video file used.

The really weird thing is, if I keep trying different video files, eventually the same video file will sometimes work.

This is on a laptop, the video card claims to be “Moble Intel 915GM/GMS.910GML Express Chipset”

I can provide patches that do this if you’d like, but it seems to happen under a wide variety of patches (I just wrote one that applies the texture to a quad and a series of boxes and moves the boxes, fairly simple, and it exhibits this behavior). So, any ideas?


hard to tell…

i’d suspect a codec causing problems. do you have a codecpack installed? if so uninstall it and only selectively install codecs you really need.

you could also manually check loading all your videos one after another. maybe a video can be loaded, but is not unloaded correctly, so that the next video fails loading…i don’t know. also you r graphic-card is not one of the better ones. maybe it sometimes misses memory to load a video…could you try your patch on an other computer?

hmm…sorry, anybody else with similar experiences?

Don’t know if this is the same issue, but I found that if an invalid filename ever gets into a filestream with the duration wired into the end time pin (via a frame delay), the video output is the dreaded NULL and cannot be repaired until you unwire the pin.

So, if your video texture is coming from a filestream, try using a ReplaceEmpty patch between the filestream and FrameDelay…

Its a shot in the dark, but knowing this would have saved me hours upon hours of messing around!