Vertical Tearing problem DX11, FileStream (VLC) - V-Sync, Buffer configuration tips needed

Hi to everyone. I’m new to VVVV. I’ve build a little player for a multi-screen installation, but i have some issues.

I’ve got a mp4 video, 4096x750 pixels, to play on 4 projectors.

I have installed a Radeon R9 390 with 4 Display Port to VGA Adapter, an HDMI to VGA Adapter, and a fifth screen (via DVI) for Control.
I’ve got 4 identical projectors. I’m using AMD Eyefinity for the 4 projectors.

Using DX9 (EX9 Filestream) i have really low performace (crashes) using the Blend/SetAlpha nodes (i need them for Edge Blending), but virtually no Vertical Sync problems, using 2,3 BackBuffer on the EX9 render.

So i’ve switch to DX11 for performance reasons (no more crashes). But with any configuration of the Rendere, i’ve always got vertical tearing problem (sync problems).

How do i have to configure my DX11 Renderer?

I have this kind of problem even on a simple patch, with filestream (vlc dx11), quad (dx11), and dx11 renderer.

Have a nice day.

two options:

  1. the latest DX11 pack has VSync, which in my experience eliminates tearing. it is not enabled by default though so you need to do it via the inspektor.

  2. use DX11toDX9 (DX11.Texture 2d) and the temp target DX11 renderer to get the main output into DX9 and use the DX9 renderer in fullscreen mode

Option3 sack mp4, its shit ;)
I use Mjpg, better image quality, and I’ve not had any crashes using it and dx9 file stream.

or DDS sequences in the player nodes

Thank you, i’ll try all the solutions you suggested and i’ll give you feedback.
Thanks again.

BTW i’ve already enabled VSync on the Renderer, but with few improvements. The vertical line is stille there.

Try Renderer (DX.11 Form) or Renderer (DX.11 Form Pooled). I’ve always used the former in multiscreen setups, because of tearing issues, pooled was just introduced with the latest DX.11 pack.

Make sure to set the right resolution and refresh rate. Have a look at the node(s) using Inspektor.

Still getting Vertical Tearing with DX11 Form. :(
I’ve tried with the DX11toDX9 Patch. No Vertical tearing issues, but low performance and stuttering.

I have to try with another codec, and the image sequence solution, but those are both a “Plan C” solutions. I have to work with mp4 (if possible).

If you have other ideas and tips for Buffer/V-Sync/Render configurations, please share.
Thaks a lot!

you need to make a preview showing the output of the DX11 temp target to get fluid motion… @vux can probably tell why

If you on windows 8 or above, try to set “Flip Sequential” on the renderer, that generally helps a lot.

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@vux what does “flip sequential” do?

Thank you all… sadly i’m on Win7…
But i’ll try everything and give you an update!
Thanks again.

@sunep It’s a mode to allow flip a bit like in full screen (instead of a blit)

@massimiliano_c With platform update this might work (also check if you have aero on), you have also an output pin to tell if this mode is enabled.

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Thanks again @vux and all of you!
I’m still getting random horizontal lines/errors. But they’re hard to capture with a screenshot. Is there any optimization to the render to get rid of those lines?

Anyway with DX11, Win 10 and FlipSequential, the vertical tearing problem is solved.


… Here’s the example of the error that i’m still getting:

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