Vertical span mode


i got two matrox triplehead2go, which means they both work as seperate monitors witch 3840x1024 pixels each.

now the problem: is it possible to connect those two monitors to one single unit with a resolution of 7680x1024, like some kind of vertical span mode, and how can i set up the resolution for my vvvv-renderer (plus an additional control monitor)?

i’m using windows7, but unfortunately it seems that span mode is no longer supported as it was in XP.

i’m grateful to any suggestions ):

right, you can’t have span mode since vista, so first get win XP. otherwise you have to use more than one renderer which will decrease performance…

and are you sure you mean vertical span mode? vertical would be 3840x2048… 7680x1024 would be horizontal.

once i used two dualhead2go successfully like that, so in theory, that should work…

ah sorry, 3840x2048 pixels of course!

yes, i already thought about reinstalling windows XP, but this should be the very last option.
using two or more renderers means connecting both two one shared output? could you give me an example of how to make this?

thanks in advance!

see the patch scroller4.v4p in this thread.

thank you! but as you said the performance loss is way too high, so i’m probably going to get good old winXP again. would you recommend the 64bit version or is it too unstable?

64bit should be no problem, never had troubles with it…

the only issue about 64bit maybe missing driver support regarding midi/dmx-interfaces etc.
i recommend to check availability of drivers for that.