Vertexnoise shader


I’ve just noticed that vertexnoise and vbomb shaders aren’t working anymore under beta15 :(
I guess the shader is using arrays, but the bubble and tentacle ones are still workin’…

Why that?

both work for me after resetting (alt+rightclicking) the effect nodes. seems the NTab pin has wrong values saved in the .v4p file from beta14 when there was no arrays yet.

this could affect similar parameters/pins as NTab in other effects…but probably there wheren’t too many yet.

I see…tx!

The strange thing is that the NTab pin wasn’t really working before beta 15, now it does but not really sure how…

the NTab pin is an array that holds all the random values. it wasn’t really working before beta15 because array-parameters where not supported yet.

what are you not sure about?

Tx for the pointer…
Actually I wasn’t sure how to use it. The table is made out of 66 values between -1 and 1 which are accessible by a float4 input. So now, with the array support, you can see 264 (66x4 in fact) slices available in the NTab input pin and not 4 as before. I guess it’s how arrays work…But should i handle it the same way? I mean feeding it with 264 random values and not 4 as i tried before?
See what i mean?

ai desax, sory for late reply,

  • See what i mean?
    not really. but probably yes. that is how you treat them: just put 264 values into the pin to set all the slices.

what you’re obviously getting confused with is what i was mentioning at the end of the beginners shader workshop. arrays and vector-components in hlsl all correspond to spreads in vvvv. and yes they mix up like you noted.

until before beta15 hlsl-arrays where not read out by vvvv correctly so the pin hat only 4 slices as was specified by the float4 (a float vector with 4 components). now vvvv reads the array size also and multiplies arraysize by vectorcomponentcount.

the effect still worked before beta15, because the randomvalues have all been specified in the hlsl-code. static. only now you can also change those “random”-values each vvvv-frame.

are you comfortable with this now?

I’m confortable now thanks… but i need a new chair though :D