Versionized Project Backups

On my search for a substitute to the OS X time machine to keep my projects perfectly safe i came up with the following solution today. With SugarSync, you can select different directories on your hard disk, in this case the project root directory. Every file in that directory gets automatically synced and stored on the cloud. There’s a free plan with 2GB storage and 3 versions per file. Perfect for all the graphical resources in addition to subversion (which doesn’t fit for anything but text in most cases).

If this also sounds interesting to you, use this link if you want to get extra 500MB free storage:

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after registration you will get your own link, then post it here, so the next one will use it and add another 500 to your account. so everybody can earn an extra GB.


just that i get this right: this is an online storage service combined with a backup tool, right? so no real SVN server stuff, with checkin/checkout, etc, just keeps the last couple file versions, and onlin too?
nice, but i think i’ll stay with my external hard drive and rsync/robocopy :-)

I use Dropbox to swap files between all my computers, it is a folder, what you save in there stays on your computer, it also goes to the dropbox server, and next time you are behind your other computers, those files get synced, also comes with a handy browser where you can also restore files and older versions of your files.

It is free for 1 gig, multi platform (win, mac, linux), and is designed to get rid off al the USB sticks you transport from home to work and back.

[|Get DROPBOX here, and take the tour!!
In theory you can put a patch on a computer, with auto start, and update it from home… very easy… and no, I don’t get paid, I just think it is a brilliant solution!!

edit: ow, the kicker is, share folders with other users, so you can work together on a project. Or make HTML link for files in your public folder… (so people download from the dropbox server and not from your computer)

whoa, i’m trawling the net, and it seems there are loads of such services: sugarsync, dropbox, spideroak, syncplicity, mozy,…

so far the first three (in no particular order) look promising
edit: spideroak looks best, although dropbox integration into file explorer/finder/nautilus also looks really nice

so, i installed spideroak and dropbox now, both look good.
if you make a dropbox account, it would be nice if you would use my referral, we would both get more 256MB free storage space (up to +3GB)

it seems it is now also possible to have referrals for spideroak: +1GB(!) for both, up to +3GB
(deleted, i’m full)