Verlet transform startup and spreading

Hi ppl!

I’ve started making a 2D transform module
which is based on Verlet algorithm.
Verlet is used in molecular, and cloth dynamics.
However what I wanted to do with it is just simple
snake-like behaviour. But the fist time i reopened
the patch it showed Minfloat and Maxfloat on the outputs,
propably because of framedelayed feedbacks. I’ve put a switch and an OnOpen bang inside but it doesnt help. So my first question is how to solve this, the second one is how to spread this - if possible, thx.

hi viktor!

a very nice thing you made there.
i spent some hours and thoughts into your patch.
its spreadable now (also length…).

the min/max float thing was mainly caused “division through zero”
–> sqrt (0²+0²)…

but i’m sure there are still some minor bugs.
when feeding with a constant length the distances do not seem to be totally equal…

around here i’m well known for making things sticking to naming conventions and i asked my self whether to call it Verlet (2d Spreads) or Verlet (Spreads 2d).

so please post this module to @viktor; it’s your first module!
btw. i’m looking forward to your 3d-version of this and to your further contributions…


Verlet (Spreads 2d).zip (6.1 kB)

hi viktor

I also modified your nice module. now its spreadable and it can also have multiple inputs…

[Verlet (2d Spreads).rar (4.16 Kb)](Verlet (2d Spreads).rar (4.16 Kb))

Now you can choose!


Ciao! dottore

…correct link:

Wow, thx!
I’ll take a look tonite.