Venode and missing files?

Hi everyone,

I am using vvvv 45beta33.3 and the addon pack 64 bits.

I installed node.js then downloaded venode placed it in the main folder next to the addon pack. When I run it, these are some of the nodes that are red.

data input handler, message type, as message, message, store, get variable type,
data output handler.

Any ideas what is going on?

any help is appreciated
thank you

you don’t have to put the project to the vvvv folder. it should also run anywhere else.

it seems that the vvvv-message nodes are missing or not compiling. so for now you could download the latest vvvv-message contribution and put it to the packs folder. then you have to delete the message modules in the venode project. perhaps this works but i did not test it.

what definately works is using an older vvvv version.

okay, i’ll try both suggestions, thank you.