Velleman k8000 and vvvv

velleman k8000 and vvvv

pif, 20:19 UTC, 050721:
I’m trying to use a velleman k8000 to trigger vvvv… HLP!!!

hmm. the velleman uses the parallel port, which is always a little nonstandard to work with.
on the page there is plenty of source code. from taking a glance at the code i´d say it would be (a) in principle possible to write a vvvv patch (using the port node) for controlling it, but (b) somehow unsatisfactory to use that patch, at it would need many frames to transmit one single byte.

so i would suggest using another interface (see the Connecting Things section on the Documentation page). or alternatively use these code examples to write up a little applicatation which uses an udp socket, so you can use UDP to send and receive data from the velleman and back (with the additional advantage that you can use any machine on the network to do so)

thanx for your (fast!!) reply, but since I would not be able to code a Pong with both hands and a flashlight, I guess i’m just gonna check the compatibility between the K8000 and the sharp edge of a sledge hammer and forget about it…