Vectorfield with custom texture (Fuse)

Hey guys,
I’m taking my first steps with Fuse and I need some advice on how to create custom vector fields with textures. In the newest version of Fuse (v1.0.2) there is a node called “Texture2DVectorField” and I can’t really get my head around on how to use it properly. I managed to get some decent vector fields by inputting Normal map-Textures, but I am not quite sure what is happening in the background. I would like to have more control over the behavior of the vector field, so I can draw textures which actually let the particles flow in the desired directions.

Are there any resources that could help me to understand the conversion?
What kind of textures should I use with it, and is there a way to dynamically draw those in vvvv?

Furthermore, I would also be interested in how the “Texture3DForceField” node works and how to use it properly. A 3d vector field out of a 2d texture would be very interesting… maybe that is not the right node for the job, and if so does anybody know a better technique?

Anyway, thanks a lot for any support and suggestions - happy new year :)

Hi there!
Firstly, have you looked at the very comprehensive Fuse help?

Secondly, there is a help patch to illustrate this node