Vector3 iobox to integer not working

since i need a int Vector3 iobox for debug purposes, i tried to configure it via the menu which led to an iobox which looks like integer but outputs floats.
this glitch costs me a few hours since i used the vector3 as a dictionary key, hence looking for a specific key didn’t work as numbers are different from the one, which are displayed. kinda nasty :)


mm, i can’t get the gif bigger

That’s the expected behavior. Something one has to learn. Changing UI/display properties doesn’t affect the underlying type. It would lead to even more nasty bugs if it would do that.

However, there could be an option to apply the current displayed value to the actual value as a command.

i don’t agree, this is a UI thing. i don’t want to change the type, maybe i express myself not correctly, i need an vector3 iobox which works with int values, it can still stay of type float.

but i expect to get the values out of the iobox which are displayed and not see some rounded values, of what use is the current behaviour other than to confuse ?

i’m a big fan of wysiwyg

edit: i guess the confusion comes from the fact that the precision is applied to the stepsize field as well and when you slide-edit this value, it looks like int but it’s actually float. feels wrong and has bad consequences. the editor should allow setting up the iobox as if its int and not hide float values. hence the stepsize should round to int when precision is 0.

yes, agreed. that seems to be the problem. if you set a certain step size, only values matching that step size (from zero) should be able to come out. same as the quantize node does.

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moments later… this is now fixed for latest previews.