Vector to Line length

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the point of origin for the polar (3d) node? Im trying to determine the length of a line in 2D space (and 3d in the future) which should be simpe using Trig but would be great to use the Polar (3d) if it was possible to set the anchor point/point of origin? Maybee im missing something?
Ive attatcged a patch which should make clearer what im trying to acheive. This could be brilliant!

VECTOR2LENGTH.v4p (19.5 kB)

i dont understand your patch at all, but you just need the start and the end point of your line segment. subtract the coordinates of the two points to get the difference vector between them. then use the Normalize node to calculate the length of it… basic school math

Yeah i understand the maths, i was just hoping there was already a node in place which did this already. What i am missing is how to get the distance between say, vector 0.9,-0.9 and 0.9,0.9, how do I make the minus values unsigned? Its easy on paper but im missing something in vvvv.

As for the patch im experimenting with realtime motion controll in a 2d space, the lines represent cable length from winches and the segment is an object.

this should be no problem, just subtract the two vectors from each other. the sign (order of subtraction) is not important, as the length calculation takes the square of the components of the vector:

vector_length.v4p (6.5 kB)