Vector Nd

hi all

I know that for this I can use stallone. but I always find myself monking around with the settings to get the behavior I need which is usually the same behavior as the vector nodes, only with more dimensions.

I believe that a Vector (nd join) and vector (nd split) that let you set the dimensions of the node and otherwise behave like the regular vector nodes would make mine and others patching life easier.

I therefore wish for these Vector (nd) nodes



check out the interleave plugs by vux. think they do exactly that

yeah, they are nice

but i hoped that they would have been renamed to
*Vector (Spreads Split)
*Vector (Spreads Join)

then i hadn’t to remember those strange nodenames

maybe this is possible for the 23 2nd addon?


plspls, vux…

agree with kalle, that cloud be the best naming :)


just renamed that and help aptches.

From next addon pack it will be vector join/split.

Now i go to sleep

vux, we all lovvvve you!