Vector grafic / clean stripes

im working on some project that is basically made out of stripes …
so the setup might be something like a 3d environment with a stripe textures …
or different quads skaled to stripes in different colors …

i found out that the texture is always looking blurry and the single quad stripes are always not sharp on the outside …

is there any chance to have something that is as sharp as vektor graphics in vvvv?


texturing should work fine. try connecting a Filter (EX9.SamplerState) node and set to POINT. Note that you can create stripe textures very simply with DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Color) and a spread

what do you mean by “always not sharp on the outside”?

thank you for your answer …

i was trying to say with “always not sharp on the outside” that the edges or the outlines of the quads or boxes seem not to got in straight clear lines, but kinda look pixelated or grainy

Perhaps turning on some Antialiasing of the renderer might make it all look a bit more smooth/sharp. Use Herr Inspector, and look for the hidden “Fullscreen Antialiasing Quality” pin in the renderer.

thank you very much!
the filter and dynamic texture hints were great!

but if im working with a GouraudDirectional node is there also a chance to use a filter or reduce the blur?

i dont get the difference of the ex9 render state and the sampler state?


just to check here
if you want diagonal stripes, you’re best off using a vertical stripes texture and rotating the texture using the Texture Transform node

that way your stripes are being stored parallel to the pixels and shouldn’t loose any quality across the process.
then you can use NearestNeighbour/Point on the Filter to get sharp edges between pixels

and anti-aliasing on the renderer, to get that vector-like resolution-less look

another approach: procedural textures in shader