Vector field

Hi all,

I’m starting a research project with some different parts and one of them is to use a vector field. I saw one example from fibo but actually is a bit different that what i understand for a simple vector field.

Does anybody know if there is some simple example of a 2d vector field so that i could extend?

Thanks a lot!

this depends a little on what you mean by vector field. by mathematical means a vector field is a function over an area with vectors as result. are you looking for a graphical representation of a vector field? is the field 2d or are the vectors 2d? or both?

hey tonfilm thanks for your reply!

sorry i’ve been out of scope for a while…
yes i was looking for a graphical representation of a vector field where to move particles arround. I think it doesn’t have to be so hard to get it… i just was wondering if someone else did any work on this way.

i will try to have a look at that asap ;)


hello! i ran into this:

but finally ended up with vux fluidsolver plugin. sofar i could not render it with line(dx), but there was a screenshot from the uk in the fanclub recently. i will give it another try this evening.



hey thanks a lot! looks good.

I know there is some P55 and OF code around there… i will try to implement something simple by now… hope to see some nice vector fields and particles here soon ;)


hi jordi. take also a look at fibo´s userpage…tangentbundles


Hi jordi, if you want a 2-D vector field as example you can use this .
Hope it can be useful.

Thanks a lot sinus and fibo!