VAudio [Writer] is a) mono b) somewhat unreliable?

I’m in a situation where i generate choreographic audio scores for a crowd.
I’m using vvvv to keep the connection to visual generation algorithms as close as possible.
As of now, i could save hours if VAudio’s [writer] would

  • keep me from having to check which files are 0 bytes in size (sometimes it just doesn’t write data at all; haven’t found out the condition yet; [bug] tag is due to this)
  • let me write stereo or even multitrack files
  • let me choose an encoder so i haven’t to walk through external encoding for each channel/stereo sum.

Is there any progress on that node within your near scope, @tonfilm ?

Yes, that node is not really any good. Use MRecorder instead, a vst:

I am using it successfully

Edit: it should be able to make multi-channel recordings, I have not really dug further in than stereo.

Hi @sunep, thanks for replying.

I was on their site earlier today and it shouted at me: “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!”.

It seemed to be exactly the kind of software suite / freemium big pack distribution model that annoyes you from the very first step of downloading a propriescary INSTALLER and tends to let malware on board.

Would be great to hear that it “behaves” after i agreed to let it in?

Yours from cologne,

If Sunep’s suggestion isn’t satisfactory I could possible have a look at it.

In case it is commercial work and it would save you time maybe a small bounty/sponsoring would be appropriate?

Definitely appropriate. Unfortunately not commercial. Augmented dance piece. Im Zeughaus.

quite dramatic reaction… this software company is well know in the audio software business and surely does not distribute malware. i’ve been using their tools since years.

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