Vaudio stops working after a while

I think the main recipient of this post is @tonfilm Yesterday, I had an annoying experience. The audio engine had just stopped working when I needed to turn up my volume. After some initial “panic” I got the sound back by stopping and starting AudioEngine.

I am using a digitakt as audio interface with elektrons ASIO-drivers. (And don’t mock me, windows 11)

Fresh machine so plenty of possible places it could go wrong, but everything else is has been super stable so far. and I think it might be related to the audio problems @bjoern and @Hadasi have experienced with the gamma version.

I will perform in a few hours, pretty short set, so I will stop and start the engine before I begin and it should probably be fine, but finding the bug would be nice in general.

I have never experienced this, I am afraid that this might be specific to your setup. I can only recommend using different drivers, larger buffer sizes, or just reset before you start a performance.

I had kind of forgotten about this behavior, I experienced it again this Saturday. I was doing visuals for three concerts and performed with audio as well at the last of the three concerts. I am still using my old setup for this kind of performance as it is already made.

The machine ran from around 17:00, playing a pause video as well as me doing visuals for the first two concerts. when I halfway through the third concert, at around 21:30 or so, began turning up my volume, nothing came out but silence (We are a duo, so the first half is only my bandmates audio).

It is very difficult to troubleshoot as it takes so long and it seems to only occur when no sound has been made for an extended period of time.

I have so far had a habit of restarting my system just before the concert, which can also be a bit of a risk, which so far has worked for this problem.
It was first of not on my mind for this concert and secondly not really possible with the setup we had.

I am in the process of transitioning the setup to gamma, but that process is not yet complete, hopefully it will behave nicer.

Still same setup, windows 11 and digitakt with asio drivers. I have in the meantime tried other combinations of hardware, but it is the same thing.

Perhaps I should make a reminder in the patch to reboot

also, any suggestions on a structured way to figure out where the bugger is?

Hi Sune, I’ve would start with following:
First check if that happens on another machine.
Then first would try to leave it with Rendere TTY open, this might lead to some exception written, that may shade a light.
Third compile vaudio with Visual Studio and run same scenario with debugger attached

just had a suspicion that it might have been USB selective suspend, an lo and behold, it was enabled, it actually makes sense that it would stop working. Will see if this helps, not sure it will, but worth a test.

I’m having the setup running now. it will be interesting to see if it is working in four or five hours.

just waited 4 and a half hours, still works. might be the culprit.

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power (361 Bytes)

@sunep you can try using this bat file, it should reset all power settings on maximum…
Haven’t had any problems with it… If some settings missing let me know it’s easy to add


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