Vaudio stops working after a while

I think the main recipient of this post is @tonfilm Yesterday, I had an annoying experience. The audio engine had just stopped working when I needed to turn up my volume. After some initial “panic” I got the sound back by stopping and starting AudioEngine.

I am using a digitakt as audio interface with elektrons ASIO-drivers. (And don’t mock me, windows 11)

Fresh machine so plenty of possible places it could go wrong, but everything else is has been super stable so far. and I think it might be related to the audio problems @bjoern and @Hadasi have experienced with the gamma version.

I will perform in a few hours, pretty short set, so I will stop and start the engine before I begin and it should probably be fine, but finding the bug would be nice in general.

I have never experienced this, I am afraid that this might be specific to your setup. I can only recommend using different drivers, larger buffer sizes, or just reset before you start a performance.