VAudio, saving VSTHost settings


Using the TX16Wx sampler as VST plugin works fine, except when it comes to saving a project. Whenever i reopen the patch, all stored settings are gone, so that i have to load all banks/performances again manually. (Already tried “Auto Save” in addition with the dedicated “Save” function on/off, in each case without success). Exposing parameters doesn’t seem to work either with this specific plugin.
I’m on win 8.1 and i tried it with beta35.8_x64 and beta36_x64.

Thanks in advance for any hints!

last time i checked this worked well… does re-open work if you hit save manually? I’ll have a look…

Saving manually doesn’t change anything (although there is then something written in “Save Data” in the Inspector). It really seems as if it’s just not working with this specific plugin, which is a pity, because it’s the most useful (free) sampler for my purposes…

i had the same issue with that exact vst-plugin and switched to another vst-sampler in the end… i think it was a limitation of the vst plugin itself, iirc

e: it was not all settings but some crucial ones

last time i checked, it was version 2.4.1… that may be an issue. maybe you find the older version to download somewhere.

tested with the latest version and it it also works.

however it requires a setting to be enabled:

this saves the audio files in the fxb save information. but be aware that this can produce quite big .v4p files. but you don’t need to handle any additional sampler specific files.

for exposing/modifying parameters, the sampler exposes a generic set of 128 parameters to the VSTHost. click on ‘Info’ and enable a few parameters.

then use the mod table to map the host automation parameters to specific parameters of the sampler:

auto save doesn’t work because the sampler doesn’t send changes to the host, you need to press the ‘Save’ button manually after a change.

hope that helps.

you can also try the Grace sampler, i recall that it had a more easy workflow. the website seems to be down, but this archived site works (slow):

@tonfilm: Thank you for your useful explanations. Selecting the FXB checkbox and then hitting “save” really seems to be the most convenient way - as long a you don’t try to rename banks/performances. (That’s what at least i experienced). Renaming and saving programs (on the left) sometimes seems to work and sometimes not. I still can’t entirely reproduce what’s going on under the hood, but the checkbox thing is a solution, which is good enough for my purposes, so again, thank you!

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