VAudio: Other ways to load a buffer?

I’d like to be able to load up a bunch of sounds that I can then play multiples of. Think spreads of sounds where the same sound can be triggered multiple times and overlaps.

FileStream does not handle a spread into the Play pin (and in fact trying to do so crashes VAudio), and while I can do something like that with Buffers, the only way I can see of loading them is by “playing” a sound into them in real time, not very workable with lots or long sounds. Also being referenced by an enum rather than a string makes programmatic creation/access a tad clumsy.

Is there some way to load a VAudio Buffer with raw data, either from a file or generated on the fly? And should FileStream be handling the Play input pin as a spread properly?

Oh, and I’ve thought of using a VST sampler, but the requirement to pre-create and load sounds into the sampler means that a table would have to be created and loaded into the vvvv patch that describes what’s in the sampler - not very dynamic. Thanks!