Values of midi controllers are reset to 0 in 2021.4.3

The values of the midi controllers (rotaries, sliders, pads,) are reset to 0 when you touch any other rotary, slider or button. Tested with Nanokontrol and MidiMix. The controllers work perfectly in 2021.4.2 and earlier versions. Please check it out. Thanks!

The problem sems to be after ControlerState node. The output pin Result doesn’t update properly

HowTo Know Your Device-Application_2022.01.05-09.45.21

thanks, seems to be an issue with how the state gets handled in regions.

Thanks, will be fixed in upcoming release. Internally also added a test patch covering that specific case to ensure we won’t see this regression again.

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Cool! Thanks!

Still problems in the last release. 2021.4.4.
Strange things happen inside ‘ControllersState’ node


After that, hovering any node inside ‘ControllersState’ node solves the problem, but you need to do it in order to work properly…

Oh no, this is getting embarrassing :( Will look at it ASAP!

Before we do another hotfix release, would you please be so kind and do a test with the newest preview build?

And thanks for your patience!

Now it goes smothly. Perfect!

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